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Malaysia Travel..!!

About Malaysia

|There are lots of place for the traveler to visit the Malaysia. The most popular slogan is used in the Malaysia for the traveler is ‘Malaysia is truly Asia’. You have lots of option to choose best one place according to your dream. The most attractive place which is familiar among the people is Penang. This is look like a heaven in the earth. In this place people get the great face of our nature. So many Chinese travelers easily find their famous temples. The must visit places in the Penang is Kek Lok Si temple and snake temple. After this fantastic place the next choice of travel is to see the Cameron Highland. This is only one place in all over the world where you can visit the tea plantations in cool air or more cactus plantations. In Malaysia, there are so many private tourist agencies available for visiting these beautiful places for the travelers. You can easily get all relevant information about these places from the official site of the tourist agencies. These agencies provide better services to you and it also allows you to book tourist bus online. When you will reach the Malaysia then you will get your comfortable buses on airports. There are so many other places, which you can choose easily on the basis of your budget like Sarawak and Sabah, Taman Negara etc.


From the beginning of its Malaysia history, the culture of Malaysia was combination of the China and India. Malaysia County is not a separated country, it consists two geographical religious which are Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. It is multi culture country. So many other cultures are influenced by the culture of Malaysia. But after the coming of 19th centaury the face of Malaysia culture is totally changed by the Malaysia government. It introduced National culture policy, which is totally depends on the three principle as a guideline of the Malaysia culture. But around the Malaysia environment, so many small islands follow the Islam culture that by some cultures are dispute to each others. The art and handmade picture is also plays an important role in the popularity of the Malaysia culture. Malaysia is famous and more attractive country in all over the world due to its art. Malaya is national language of the Malaysia. So many people used only Malaya language is their daily life routine. But passed some couple of years, English language also became a main part of this country. In the beginning of the Island, people used English language only for the business purpose but now a day�s English became common language, which is used by up to 50 % of population in all over the world.


The most famous and most popular hotel of Malaysia is The Datai. This hotel is situated on northwestern tip of Langkawi, Malaysia. This hotel provides all luxurious facilities to their customers, which is totally differ from other high class hotels in Malaysia. This hotel belong the list if five star hotels in Malaysia. After this hotel we have another luxurious hotel which is Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur. This hotel also belong the list of five star hotels in the Malaysia. This hotel is situated at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are 500 rooms available for the tourist. Some rooms are available for the family purpose or some of rooms are for the business meeting. Each and every room is fully air conditioner. Ritz Carlton provides the special service for the guest. This service is more attractive service to the customers.

Transpotation in Malaysia

The transportation of Malaysia started at the time of the British canonical rule. In Malaysia, various kinds of transportations are famous among the people. Some of them use land transportation which cover up to 98,721 kilometers. The main highway of Malaysia extends up to 800 kilometers which is directly connected to the border of the Singapore. This is the main, which is highway mainly used the transportation between the Malaysia and Singapore. The various kinds of mode of transportation like buses, train, ships and airport etc covered the large volume of transportation in Malaysia. To reduce the traffic on road and provide the reliable or safe transport, the government of the Malaysia introduces six international airports, which is mainly used for the international and domestic purpose. These airport directly connect to the various cities which is covered by the total space of the Malaysia. Beside the air travelling, railway system is also introduced in the Malaysia, which is state up and cover up to 1798 kilometers areas. On the coming of railways in the Malaysia, the transportation became easier and reliable. Now peoples can travel one place to other place without wasting their time or with cheap price. Airways and railways mainly used in the Malaysia for covering long distances. For the short distances, the most appropriate and suitable transportation is bus transportations. There are so many roads available which is not completely developed as well as providing the services are also lower quality. Driving on left is compulsory for everyone in Malaysia after introducing motorcycles in 1903. In Malaysia, waterways are also one kind of mode of transportation which is more popular for luggage transportations from one country to other country. Waterway transportation covers up to 7100 kilometers area around the Malaysia. So many small islands are mainly connected to Malaysia with waterway. When we talk about the public transportation then the ratio of this transportation is 7:3. This means that waterway transportation use up to 70% for the luggage transport and remaining 30% used for the public transportations. So in the last, we can easily say that the transportation facility of Malaysia is one of the largest transportations facilities in all over the Asia.

Festival in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-ethics country, which involved various kinds of people with different religions. In Malaysia the festivals are celebrated on the basis of National level or state level. National level festival means that the festival which is normally managed by the government or any private organizations. But the mean of state level festival is that the festivals are celebrated under the guidance of certain state in Malaysia. Various festivals are celebrated by the peoples in throughout the years. All festivals are celebrated with common concept which is (open house).In this concept each and everyone invite their relatives and friends and offer the luxurious food in front of then. The first festival of Malaysia is Thaipusam, which is come in the beginning of the year. The preparation of this festival starts from the end of previous year. This is state level festival, so this festival is mainly celebrate in the state of Johar, Nageri etc. after this festival, the good Friday is more popular festival in the Malaysia. This festival is celebrated on 22nd April. In the last of the year the most popular festival celebrated which is Deepavali. This festival is a national festival in the Malaysia, because this festival is celebrated by entire country. This is mainly Hindu festival but now a days, each kind of people celebrate this festival. In this festival, everyone invite their relatives at home for the lunch and dinner. They transfer sweets and gift between them. This festival became the national festival in most of the country of this world. In the last on 25th December Malaysia culture involved to celebrate Christmas festival. This festival is also celebrated by whole country. This is the last festival of the entire year. This festival mainly celebrated by the Christians in last couple of years, because this is main festival for them. But on the coming of this 21st century, this festival is celebrated by whole world.